Interview Thank You Note 101


Today we are revisiting a popular topic in the staffing industry, so welcome to Interview Thank You Note 101. Imagine you just finished a stressful 2 hour in-person interview for your dream job. You’re wondering if and when to send a thank you note, and if you do send one you’re trying to figure out […]

Ask A Recruiter: I’m Not Interested In The Job Anymore. Now What?

Let’s set the scene: A recruiter reaches out to you about a new opportunity that was never on your radar. It seems fascinating and you hear them out. Sure enough, you decide to move forward with the process and interview with the company… Long story short: It was not what you expected.

Ask A Recruiter: What’s The Difference Between Contract And Direct Hire?

GREAT QUESTION For job seekers, this can be a new and sometime confusing conversation to have, especially if you’re used to a regular salaried position. It’s becoming more mainstream for companies to utilize contract employment, especially with sales and development roles. There are benefits to contract and direct hire, for both employers and candidates.

Ask A Recruiter: I’m Definitely Overqualified. Why Won’t They Hire Me?

This is a sticky subject, but something that I’m very passionate about. As a recruiter, this is a difficult conversation to navigate unless you have an open and honest relationship with your candidates. Far too often, people will reach out to recruiters (or apply directly) for jobs that they are severely overqualified for.

Ask A Recruiter: Scheduling Job Interviews When I Have A Job?

Great question. With unemployment rates at a staggering low, hiring managers and recruiters are struggling to find talent now more than ever. It used to be that the “Best of the Best” were employed with exceptional companies, but now it’s basically everyone. Ultimately, it’s a great problem to have, right? Yay for the economy!

Ask A Recruiter: Why Can’t You Tell Me The Name Of The Company?

Ah, good question. Let’s put this into context for everyone:   {Opens inbox on Linkedin} Recruiter: Hi Molly! I hope you’re having a great day! I’m working on a Sales Manager position with a technology company and your experience really aligned with what they are looking for!

Ask A Recruiter: I Never Get Interview Feedback, Why?

Who can relate: You’ve been sending out what feels like hundreds of resumes and maybe had a random phone screen or two. Then one day, you finally get that exciting interview request to meet the team! You make your way to the interview, talk with the team and hiring manager, and ultimately you feel like […]

Ask A Recruiter: Relocating For A Job. Help!

Changing cities is both exciting and daunting. Whether you are moving back home to family and friends, relocating with your spouse for their job, or simply looking for a change of pace, it’s difficult to make a professional impact on a city that you haven’t been associated with.

Ask A Recruiter: I’m About To Graduate. What If I Can’t Get A Job?

Congratulations! You’re about to graduate from college. Years of dedication and hard work have led you to this momentous occasion of walking across the stage for that magical piece of paper. But as graduation approaches, that feeling of excitement is usually coupled with anxiety and fear of the unknown.