Ask A Recruiter: Why Can’t You Tell Me The Name Of The Company?

Ah, good question. Let’s put this into context for everyone:


{Opens inbox on Linkedin}

Recruiter: Hi Molly! I hope you’re having a great day! I’m working on a Sales Manager position with a technology company and your experience really aligned with what they are looking for! Would you have some time to speak more about the opportunity?

Candidate: I might be interested…what’s the name of the company?

Candidate: Hello?

Ok, so probably not that dramatic, but you get the picture.

The main argument from the candidate perspective is: “Well you’re going to have to tell me at some point, so why not tell me right away?”


Fair enough, but from the standpoint of a recruiter, we have our reasons. And we’re not just trying to be sneaky and mysterious…

One of the main reasons we don’t just hand you the company is because we want to control the messaging. And no, we don’t want to just read you the job description and the header of their website, which you could rightfully do yourself. Our role as a recruiter (and the reason companies use us in the first place) is to provide you with insight and valuable information about the team and culture that you could never receive from a quick scroll through Google. We have the intel about what the team is actually working on, what their management style is like, and the reason they’re hiring in the first place. In reference to our initial reachout, if we just gave you the company name and you took 10 seconds to skim their website, you could end up writing off the opportunity, simply because you missed out on the context and backstory.

Another reason we prefer to reserve the company for direct conversation is because of representation. I came across a poignant Linkedin post from another recruiter a few weeks ago talking about this subject.

If you are not already aware, keep this in the forefront of your mind when job hunting:

If you submit your resume directly to a company through their website or HR manager, you are no longer allowed to be represented by a recruiter.


Why? Ownership. The worst part is even if the company never reached out to you, a lot of times they will cross-check their database after a recruiter sends a candidate, just to make sure they don’t already have their resume just to avoid paying a fee. Make sense?

Lesson here: Connect with a few trusted recruiters and see if they work with the company you’re interested in, before applying. Because chances are, they will provide you a HECK of a better shot at the job than if you just dump your resume into that infamous blackhole online.

To summarize folks: Yes, of course we will tell you the company. Just give us a few minutes of your time to really paint the full picture of the opportunity. And hey, if you’re interested in working at a specific company, just run it by us! Either one of two things: We can help you directly or know someone who could.

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