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to find exceptional talent

We don’t want to brag, but attracting talented professionals is our superpower.  Networking events, meetups, forums, and industry technology platforms are just a few of the ways we sift through the masses to find the gems. But the real reason we continue to have one of the most exceptional growing talent pools in the industry is the one-on-one attention we give to each and every candidate.


technology recruiting

BlueWave is a technology-forward company so it makes sense why we are experts in this space. The combination of our industry experience and community engagement has produced an arsenal of talent. Our team is dialed into the ever-changing technology landscape and has proven the ability to scale teams across software development, project management, engineering & government services and more.


digital marketing recruiting

Bringing digital marketing teams in-house has become an increasingly popular trend. The problem that companies face is finding marketing talent that is strong enough to fulfill internal needs. We’ve built marketing departments from scratch and pride ourselves on qualifying candidates across all verticals, including copywriting, SEO/SEM, paid search & social, email, and strategic leadership.


federal services recruiting

Our team is experienced in supporting large engineering and technology contracts within the Aerospace Industry throughout the Space Coast of Florida. BlueWave are experts in identifying, hiring, and onboarding highly specialized skill sets in an efficient and effective manner. We are leveraged for surge support, baseline support, and transitional gaps.

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