Ask A Recruiter: I’m Not Interested In The Job Anymore. Now What?

Let’s set the scene:

A recruiter reaches out to you about a new opportunity that was never on your radar. It seems fascinating and you hear them out. Sure enough, you decide to move forward with the process and interview with the company…

Long story short: It was not what you expected. You didn’t connect with the team. The job wasn’t what you thought it’d be. You’re just not into it.

Now what?



Well duh, Devan.

No, not duh.

Sadly enough, many candidates will fall by the wayside and completely go dark after an interview does not go as planned. Whether it’s fear of confrontation, disappointment, or simply lack of professional courtesy, it happens all the time.

You should never disappear from the interview process without notice.

Think if the tables were turned. Have you ever interviewed somewhere and they just never, EVER get back to you? That good ole’ “ghosting” we all love to talk about. You clearly assume they don’t want to move forward because of the silence but kind of sucks, doesn’t it? Don’t do that to some one if you can avoid it.

If you’re working with our team on a position, we will follow up after every interview to see how things went. Different hiring managers can produce different reactions and we want your honest feedback about what you thought.

Did you enjoy it? Was is different than what you expected? Are you still excited about moving forward with the role?

If you genuinely did not enjoy the experience or simply do not have interest in continuing through the process, just tell us! It’s OK. We will not be offended or “mad at you”. Honestly, we will be grateful for the heads up and happy to help you with another role in the future that is more suited for you.

What if I have an interview scheduled and I change my mind? Should I still go?

If you have more than 24 hours before the interview, let your recruiter know so they can cancel the interview for you. What you don’t want to do is pull a “No Call, No Show” because that will completely change your reputation as a candidate.

The cornerstone of all good relationships is open communication. While the “easiest” thing can sometimes be slipping away in silence, take 5 minutes to call or at least email your recruiter (we like phone calls though!). The company will appreciate knowing up front, we can pivot accordingly, and you’ll feel awesome because you did the right thing. Everyone wins!

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