Strategy Sessions

The Ever-Changing Marketing Strategies of 2020

The marketing world is one of many industries that pivoted on a grand scale in 2020. Organizations cancelled annual conferences or switched to virtual formats. Companies reallocated ad spend budgets as consumers began to spend more time online. Joey and Kathleen sat down to chat virtually with four marketing experts about 2020 marketing strategies. Transitioning …
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How We’re Getting Back to the Office Safely

Managers and employees alike have become accustomed to the office life. Driving to work. Hanging out in the kitchen and catching up before clocking in. Facing off with ping pong matches in the afternoon. The pandemic has significantly changed these office moments and company cultures. In this LinkedIn Live Strategy Session, Joey chatted with Nicholas …
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Keeping the Growth Going in Quarantine

In our FIRST LinkedIn Live Strategy Session, Joey dove into what companies are doing during quarantine, including new company norms (like meeting all the fur babies) and serving customers screen-to-screen while working from home. Joey chatted with Michael Sharelis, Graham Gill, Erica Gardner, and Jason Callison. “It’s a little different to hop on a video …
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