Using Recruitment Marketing to Boost your Candidate Pipeline

The concept of Recruitment Marketing is one of the least talked about and least utilized concepts in the talent acquisition space right now. Teams (both companies and agencies) that take advantage of this have the ability to dramatically increase their candidate pipelines, decrease their average speed to hire, and create a more engaging candidate experience […]

Meet Kathleen Driscoll, BlueWave Business Development Representative

Kathleen Driscoll

Meet Kathleen Driscoll, a Florida Gator who’s worked in the startup community, with corporate alliances, and even the Walt Disney Company. We scooped her up at BlueWave and now she’s our business development representative. Kathleen says working in business development was meant to be from the start.

Happy National Recruiter Day!

We kinda sorta love connecting people. Whether we’re matching talented job seekers with the perfect job or partnering with companies to help them scale, we love making those meaningful introductions! In honor of National Recruiter Day, we’re breaking down all things recruiting!

A Look Inside BlueWave: Q&A With An Account Executive

I sat down with one of BlueWave’s Account Executives, Joey Brodsky, to learn more about his process, the clients he works with, and his strategies for building strong relationships. Q: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself, how you got to where you are, and where you see yourself going.

A Look Inside BlueWave: Q&A With Our Recruiting Manager

I sat down with BlueWave’s Recruiting Manager, Cassandra King, to learn more about BlueWave’s recruiting team and how she develops a recruiting team that people want to join! Q: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself, how you got into recruiting and how you became a Recruiting Manager.

Why You Should Be Honest With Your Recruiter

Recruiters are people (shocker, I know) and as adults in this world, we too have been in the job search seat. We understand that you are most likely applying to a bunch of roles, interviewing at multiple companies, and for lack of a better term, “playing the field” until you find the perfect match.

The Benefits Of Using Recruiters (Honestly).

Ahhhh, the recruiting industry. What a wonderful, yet sadly misunderstood thing. Fact: Recruiting has a lot of stigmas attached to it. Also Fact: Many of them are either untrue or circumstantial.

Why You Should Give A Recruiter 5 Minutes

Does this sound familiar? *1 New Message* “Hi Mark, I came across your profile and thought you’d be a great fit for a Marketing Director role with one of my local clients. Do you have 5 minutes to hop on a quick call, would love to share more information! Thanks,” — Would you answer this?

A Letter From Your Recruiter

Dear Reader, I could create a whole separate post about the stigmas, assumptions, bad experiences, and myths surrounding recruiters. Maybe when I have 53 hours to set aside. But what I want to discuss today are our intentions. And perspective. From the recruiter seat.

Your Staffing Firm is “Just Not That Into You”

It is no secret that the staffing industry is highly competitive and frankly oversaturated. And regardless if you are a national company or a local firm, it is getting increasingly more difficult to find candidates in a market where jobs outnumber employees.