The Benefits Of Using Recruiters (Honestly).

Ahhhh, the recruiting industry. What a wonderful, yet sadly misunderstood thing.

Fact: Recruiting has a lot of stigmas attached to it.

Also Fact: Many of them are either untrue or circumstantial.

Whether you are a hiring manager or a job seeker, it can be confusing or strange to consider someone else being involved in the hiring process besides you.

Hiring Manager: “We can find someone ourselves. We have a job postings and an HR manager. We’ve got this.”

Job Seeker: “I’ve found my other jobs without a recruiter. I’ve been applying online and I think something is going to happen soon. I’ve got this.”

Here’s the deal: You have to think of recruiters as a RESOURCE. Like anything else.

Why do you use realtors? Or plumbers? Or maid services?

Sure, you could do all of those tasks on your own, but we utilize these experts because they are good at what they do and you want that thing done RIGHT.

Newsflash: This applies to recruiting too!

So let’s break it down & go over a few of the major benefits of working with recruiters, for both companies and individuals:

Benefits for Companies
Time saved

Chances are the people that are helping do the hiring also have their own job to do as well. Finding good candidates is HARD (I’m sure you can understand that) and it takes time and energy to discover a solid employee; time that you could be spending on your primary responsibilities. Imagine having someone take that off your plate…

Money saved

While recruiting is a service and comes with a price, you will SAVE money in two ways:

  • Time spent recruiting during your work hours (because we all know time is $$$)
  • The cost of making a poor hiring decision and having to replace them
You’re working with experts

As recruiters, our SOLE job is understanding the local job market, knowing how to capture the attention and interest of the candidate pool, and being able to identify the right fit for your specific needs. This doesn’t even include understanding the nuances of different job types (ie. what the heck a ruby on rails developer is and if someone is truly an SEO marketing genius).

We are a resource

Besides the actual recruiting part, the firm you work with *cough BlueWave cough* should act as your trusted confidant. You have someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions to, and act as the middle-man between you and the candidate in terms of communication. We can also help position offers, handle contractors and on-boarding processes…the list goes on!

Benefits for Job Seekers
We have the inside track

Gone are the days of applying to a job online and knowing that no one will see your resume; not actually knowing if the job posted is still open or if it’s stale; not knowing the right person to reach out to or feeling helpless because you can’t get a response from anyone.

As someone that never used a recruiter before becoming one, I’ve realized how insane it is that I’ve gotten this far in my career without one. Working with a recruiter grants you direct access to the hiring team, being able to bypass the resume purgatory that we all fear.

You have an advocate and a coach

Not only will you get dropped directly in the hiring manager’s inbox, but you also have someone personally supporting and promoting you to the team. In most cases, your recruiter will also be able to give you full preparation for each interview, from what to wear, what questions may come up, and possibly the hiring manager’s favorite color. You don’t get all of that insight when you’re riding solo.

It’s free

It’s not obvious. I say this because it can be confusing if you’ve never worked with a recruiter before. Getting all of this help and not having to pay for it? They have to take something out my salary at the end, right? Nope.

Access to jobs you didn’t know existed

Remember that whole inside track thing? Well, that goes even deeper. As recruiters, we know about jobs before they even open, have access to jobs that are not publicly posted, and the best part? We will sometimes “soft pass” exceptional candidates to our clients. If we know someone could be an awesome addition to a company, even though there’s no official opening, we may send their resume to the team to review. In many instance, we will get that person a job there, simply because they found value in their experience and were able to find a place for them!

Are you guys convinced yet?

If you don’t have a recruiting firm in your arsenal, I suggest creating a partnership with one immediately *cough BlueWave cough*

Ready to start a conversation now? Cool.

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