Why You’re Not Getting Past The First Interview


Searching for a job can be one of the most stressful times in your life, and can be made even more stressful when you’re not getting past the first interview. After interviewing for multiple positions and not making it past that initial prescreen or first interview, you can be left feeling confused and discounted. That’s why today we are breaking down the reasons why you may not be getting past the first interview.

Why Could This Be?

First things first, don’t take it personally. We know, easier said than done, but just because you didn’t land a second interview or weren’t sent over to the client doesn’t mean you’re a poor candidate! So what does it mean? Well, nine times out of ten it’s because the hiring manager or recruiter didn’t see you as the right cultural fit.

Your skill set could match the position to a T but if you’re not a culture fit companies may not want to move forward. Company Culture has become such a buzzphrase, but don’t let the haphazard way it’s thrown around deter you from understanding just how important it is.  Companies are looking for candidates who understand their core values, and who feel enthusiastic about coming to work every day. Think about it this way, if your values and personality don’t align well with that of the company are you going to be excited about what you’re doing?

Not aligning with a specific company’s culture is not a bad thing, and has no bearing on your skills or experience, all it means is that company is probably not a good fit for you. (& that’s okay!)

In our 2022 world, culture means everything. Some of the largest corporations list cultural fit as their most sought-after trait in potential newcomers—Facebook, Amazon, and LinkedIn among them. So, your personality and value systems may be the key to landing that dream job.

Here are some tips to highlight why you’d be a great cultural fit for a company!

  • Make connections. It’s true—knowing the right people almost always guarantees you a foothold in the hiring process. Your job is to reach out and make yourself relevant to the people who matter. This means following all social media forums, liking posts, and making intelligent comments. You can take this initiative one step further and contact employees within the organization directly to discuss how company culture plays out on a day-to-day basis.
  • Do your research. Understanding the “why” behind a company’s ethos is critical in gaining leverage over your competitors. Savvy employees do their homework by researching their potential employer’s mission and values, organizational strategies, news, recent events, pain points, and how their skills and expertise might augment the company’s growth. Let Google help you find the inside details of the company so that you can use this knowledge in your interview.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge. It’s interview day. Make sure you can provide specific examples of how your background and disposition align with the company’s overall culture and values. You can bet that any interviewer will ask for personal anecdotes as evidence of a cultural fit, so have a few ready on hand. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your readiness to be part of their team, and that your creativity and passion are essential assets in accomplishing their mission.

It’s always a good idea to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. By networking with current employees, researching, and spotlighting your distinct personality, you will demonstrate that you’re both the right cultural fit and the ideal candidate for the job.

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