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In the age of online applications and ATS algorithms, it can be easy to get caught up in making your resume absolutely perfect for the role before even applying. Hiring managers are looking for experienced applicants, yes, but the good news is they’re also looking for soft skills. For example, people who are willing to learn and grow, people with personality, and people who can communicate well. These are the things that are going to make you stand out against other applicants.

Takes Coaching Well:

Hiring managers understand you’re not going to know everything going into a job. If you don’t check every single box on an application, that is totally okay. Just make sure to be reasonable, applying for a job that you have no experience with at all is a waste of everyone’s time.

A good rule of thumb is if you match about 80% of the bullet points, go for it!

Companies can teach processes. You can learn new programs and CRM systems. If you’re open to learning, make that clear in your application and your interview. Sharing that you’re willing to learn on and off the job can also come in handy later when an internal position opens up in case you switch departments.

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Before working at BlueWave I had never done recruiting before, but my skills from previous jobs aligned with a lot of the other skills they were looking for: talking on the phone, organizational skills, etc. The only thing I was missing was the direct recruiting expirence, however, my other skills fit so well that I was offered the position.

Follow what you’re passionate about and expand on that through books, webinars, meetups, and mentor opportunities. Share what you learn with your team and your boss. They might just apply something that you learned to their own strategy within the company!

Communication skills:

Strong written and verbal communication is always a must. Think of communication as a life requirement, and can really make the difference between landing that second interview and being taken out of consideration. You need to be able to express your ideas, goals, and input on projects with your internal team, clients, and anyone else you interact with in your life. Have you ever had a conversation that felt one-sided? Maybe someone was giving you flat, one-word answers and it felt pretty awkward right? Awkward and one-sided is not the impression you want to give to a hiring manager.

Keep the communication consistent, and keep it true to you. For example, how you write in your emails should also be how you speak in your interview. You don’t want to project a fake or disingenuous personality, so add some confidence but make sure you stay true to yourself. Hiring managers aren’t looking for robots; they’re looking for humans! Be natural with how you communicate. People want to work with people.

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Are you flexible?

With companies deciding to go fully remote and others returning to the office, hiring managers are looking for someone who can adapt to any environment, and aren’t opposed to changes in the workplace. This goes back to having strong communication skills. If your team is fully remote, you should be familiar with (or willing to learn) the tools to stay on the same page as your team.  When you don’t understand something, ask questions!

If you prefer one environment over the other – remote vs. in the office – be honest with the hiring manager as early as possible. Having a work structure that works for you is so important, so don’t just say you’re okay with going into the office if really you dread the idea. At the end of the day people-pleasing and telling people what you think they want to hear in an interview sets you up to be unhappy if you end up excepting the position. Mention your request in writing and offer to discuss this further in your interview or on a phone call. It always helps to explain why you prefer a certain environment if the employer is flexible.

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Showcase you:

Companies want to hire someone who fits in with the overall culture of the team! The buzzword “culture fit” can be annoying but when it comes down to it is actually really important. For instance, almost everyone has had a job where they don’t feel like they fit in or maybe are even uncomfortable with the team dynamics and office atmosphere, and that can be so mentally draining. That doesn’t mean you need to be happy-go-lucky 24/7 but it does mean you’ll need to show the hiring manager who you are so you can identify a good fit on both ends.

It’s okay to go off-script! Share your personality and bring your resume to life by sprinkling in little bits of you. You don’t have to be perfect and hiring managers can smell that from a mile always. Be genuine. Be you. You’ll be grateful you were so transparent later down the road.

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Need more advice on what hiring managers are looking for?

We get it. It’s nerve-racking. “What if I say the wrong thing?” “What if I mess up?” “Am I being too formal?” We’re happy to help coach you through the interview process and give you advice on the best ways to “wow” your hiring manager. Get in touch with us today.

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