Venture Capital Partnerships

Venture Capital Partnerships

Leveraging our expertise in funded startups and investment groups

Why Choose Us

To be frank, we love startups. The growth, the opportunity, the innovation and fresh thinking…we resonate with this because it’s what we embody every day at BlueWave.

Over the years, we have positioned ourselves to be the experts in scaling startups and recently funded companies. Our success with these partnerships stems from three things: our recruiting expertise, industry relationships, and agility. Simply put: we’ve done this a lot.

Over the years, we’ve advised VC firms and startup leadership on hiring strategies and job market insights. We lend our experience and expertise to provide our clients the “cheat codes” for acquiring top talent. To further the point, our company launched a community organization called Project Orlando, with the vision of connecting Central Florida-based startups with the capital that they need to scale, including seed funding, angel investment, and more.

Long story short: we are fully ingrained in the startup community and find genuine excitement from seeing businesses get funded and thrive as a result.

How We Partner

We understand that growth strategy and hiring plans can come from both the investors, as well as the startups themselves. That is why we find value in creating relationships with both Venture Capital & Private Equity groups, as well as their underlying portfolio companies. Understanding the goals of each party provides us a better roadmap to help guide companies to a successful human capital strategy.

So with that being said, how can we help you?

7 Step Recruiting Process

Executing this process with each candidate ensures a consistent, high-quality experience. We have found tremendous success by simply being thoughtful and strategic with our recruiting. The result? Clients that are genuinely happy with their new hires.

Requirements Gathering

Meet with client, hiring manager and HR to understand the role and company culture.


BlueWave invests in innovative technology solutions to source candidates. This investment saves valuable time and allows us to reach passive candidates quickly, increasing speed to hire.

Screening and Qualifying

We dive into experience, strengths and career goals through phone interviews and technical assessments. Our team is responsible for vetting candidates not only on skillset, but personality & culture fit.

Face to Face Interview

Meeting a candidate in-person or through a video interview builds tremendous rapport and allows us to further qualify them for the position. You will never receive a candidate from BlueWave that we have not met face-to-face. In other words: we don’t sling resumes.

Reference Checks

Yes, we check references. And you would be surprised how many staffing firms skip this step. We’re not calling best friends from college either – we require at least two references to be previous supervisors.

Candidate Delivery, Interview Coordination and Offer

We present a full candidate package – including resume, technical highlights, and additional notes that provide value in the hiring process. Our Account Executives manage the full interview process, from coordinating schedules to negotiating and presenting offers.

Post-Hire Follow-Up

It’s crucial to stay connected with our candidates after they begin a new job. We talk to new hires after their first day, first week, and check-in on a monthly basis. This ongoing relationship is essential to increasing retention and overall job satisfaction.

Recruiting With a Personal Approach

Connect With Us & Learn How We’re Different.