Meet Cassandra King, BlueWave Recruiting Manager

Recruiting manager Cassandra King

Working in the recruiting world requires great communication skills, understanding what companies need and building relationships with candidates. Cassandra King, our Recruiting Manager, practices all of these things with our team and while she recruits the best candidates for our emerging tech clients.

“I really love helping startups grow and seeing the community grow with it and our team,” she said. “It’s cool to see the impact that you make on companies and internally.”

A day in the life of a Recruiting Manager

Cassandra says every day as a Recruiting Manager is different. She dives into each day chatting with the sales team to learn what their top priorities are, what BlueWave clients need and what positions they need to fill. Then, she delegates tasks from there.

“We need to have coverage and candidates submitted, working with the recruiting team to figure out who’s going to work on what,” Cassandra says.

BlueWave team in the office

Kevin Cowman, Director of Enterprise Accounts, works with Cassandra on sales initiatives and explains why she’s such an important piece of the BlueWave puzzle.

“Without Cassandra, the lights would go out in this place,” Kevin said. “No, seriously. She is the glue that keeps everything together and has done such an amazing job building our recruiting team to what it is today. Cassandra’s never too far away when I need work advice or someone to have a beer with! She’s a player’s coach and stays organized where I’m not. I would not be who I am today without her!”

Working at BlueWave as a Recruiting Manager involves more than managing a team. Cassandra builds relationships with her coworkers, candidates, and companies. Plus, she is a recruiter herself.

“I like it because it’s not this super formal leadership position,” she says. “I’m an individual contributor and then I help other people see success in their positions as well. Seeing those results is really cool and something that’s pretty exciting.”

BlueWave recruiting team

Working with the BlueWave team

Right now, Cassandra leads recruiters Arianna Soto, Derek Flynn, Molly Polson, Tyler Duke, and Michelle Godoy. She’s switched gears a bit these past few months, onboarding some team members remotely and making sure it’s still a smooth yet personable process.

“I was brought on to the BlueWave team during the pandemic. My first experience with Cassandra was so awesome, and it continues to be,” Arianna said. “Not only did she make me feel comfortable all throughout the hiring process, she still makes sure to encourage and uplift every experience I have had as a new hire. This translates into everything she does here and outside of BlueWave, which is why she is so successful at what she does!”

Devan Deratany, Cassandra King, OTAB

Our Digital Marketing Manager, Devan Deratany reflects on when she first spoke with Cassandra, virtually, and where they are now.

“I still remember when Cassandra reached out to me about working at BlueWave,” Devan said. “It’s crazy to think that she started almost three years ago. I never would’ve thought this random girl that messaged me on LinkedIn would’ve become my best friend, let alone our badass Recruiting Manager!”

They’ve since worked together on projects in and out of the office for BlueWave, Project Orlando, Orlando Tech and Beer (OTAB) and more.

Using LinkedIn strategically

Like many of us at BlueWave, Cassandra showcases the value of LinkedIn by optimizing her profile and connecting with people. She says candidates should use the platform to highlight their strengths, display their work, and offer a digital handshake to recruiters and hiring managers.

“Have a picture on your LinkedIn because it helps to put a face to the name!”

Recruiting Manager LinkedIn

Team goals and rewards

Cassandra also sets internal goals for the team. She sends out a detailed email to the entire team filled with helpful resources, career trends, goals, and rewards for hitting company goals (like a virtual “Goat 2 Meeting”).

“Cassandra is the best manager I have ever had” Derek said. “She truly has the perfect mix of managing our team and being a good friend to each of us individually. She consistently sets goals for us and puts a lot of thought into fun rewards and incentives for our team. We are lucky to have her as the leader of our recruiting team!”

Llama at Goat 2 Meeting

The number one thing to keep in mind as a job seeker

“Be a human,” Cassandra says. “Definitely submit your resume but take it one step further than that and reach out to somebody on LinkedIn. Use your network, especially for recent grads. That was something that was big, and I didn’t do enough of.”

She recommends expanding your communications even outside of your immediate network. Think about mutual connections, people you would want to work with or for.

Project Orlando event

“You don’t even think about what your mom’s friend does as a job until you graduate and start looking into that,” she says. “Even when you’re reaching out to people, rather than some super formal template of something like, ‘Hey, I applied, I’m very interested…’ Try something like, ‘Hey, what’s up? I’m interested in your company. Tell me a little bit about what you guys do, I just want to learn more.”

The human element can help both candidates and recruiting managers like Cassandra so it’s a personalized experience for everyone. Ditch the canned message. Build relationships with custom messages that are unique to you, your personality, and what you’re looking for in your next job.

Questions for Cassandra?

Looking to grow your team? Connect with Cassandra on LinkedIn, or contact her here! She’ll find exceptional candidates to help your company succeed.

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