Looking For A Job? Clean Up Your Social Media.

It’s 2019. We all have social media accounts. If you’re anything like me, social media is an outlet for goofy nonsense with your friends, coupled lightly with news updates and old Facebook groups from high school. Some people use social media lightly while others dump every thought, feeling, and emotion into a digital footprint for the world to see. The problem is…there’s a fine line between what is appropriate for your friends and what is appropriate for your future boss to see.

Just incase you didn’t know…

Hiring Managers and Recruiters WILL look at your social media profiles.

Yes, LinkedIn for sure. But don’t think they won’t explore your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.

Why? Think about it: How you portray yourself online is ultimately going to be a reflection of the company. You are representing their brand, values, and mission. The worst thing that can happen is a hiring manager loves a resume, but when they start to dig around on Facebook, they find inappropriate photos & profane language all over the place. You think they’re getting the job?

“So Devan, are you saying I have to delete all of my social media accounts? Do I have to dig through 5 years of posts and delete every post with a curse word?”

No, that’s a little excessive. BUT…

You HAVE to use your best judgment. Yes, go through your most recent activity. If there is a questionable photo or post, take it down. Do a little “spring cleaning” if you will. Don’t burn your whole account down, but clean up the standouts that may not be viewed as professional. If you are actively seeking a new position and you know that important eyes will be on your accounts, be cognizant of what you post moving forward. Before you share something, ask yourself, “Is this is something I want your boss to see?” If not, text it to your friends so they can laugh but don’t share it with the world.

Hopefully this is not the case, but if you feel like your Twitter account for instance is just packed with content that you would prefer to not be seen, make your account private. I have actually had friends that tweet “Hey guys, I’m starting a job search and will be making my account private for the time being. BRB” And not even because their content was super inappropriate, but just to maintain an overall professional brand.

Our social media accounts are the truest reflections we have of ourselves and hiring managers know that. Make sure that the impression you are making is a positive one because far too often, things found online lead to problems, tough conversations, or worse, a job not being offered.

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