LinkedIn Live: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Have you ever seen that notification “(Your Connection) is live right now” pop up on LinkedIn? Broadcasting live videos is more powerful than ever in terms of connecting people and providing learning opportunities. Let’s chat about what LinkedIn Live is and how you can use it to grow your network.

What Is LinkedIn Live?

LinkedIn Live is a feature where LinkedIn members and companies can stream live video content. Video hosts usually discuss a topic related to their industry, moderate a panel, interview a thought leader or educate their network on a specific subject.

According to LinkedIn, Live videos receive an average of 7 times the reactions and 24 times the comments than prerecorded videos.

LinkedIn Live is a bit exclusive, though. You have to apply to host Live videos and LinkedIn has to manually review your request. We hear it’s pretty tough to get accepted right now with the increased interest in hosting live videos. But it’s still possible!


Joey Brodsky, our Manager of Business Development, and Kevin Cowman, our Director of Enterprise Accounts currently host weekly LinkedIn Live videos.

“We’re in this really cool, high-visibility spot in our community and our industry,” Joey said. “We get to talk to so many people from diverse backgrounds and personas all week long. They all have different stories to tell. So I learn a lot from that and I want to share some of what I’ve learned with everyone else.”

Recruiting Live! is full of stories, industry data, and real-time interviews about recruiting for both companies and candidates (hosted on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m.) Strategy Sessions broadcast live on Tuesdays at 2 p.m., featuring panel discussions on leadership styles, current events, and the ever-changing environment of technology in the workplace.

How Can I Participate in a LinkedIn Live?

Follow companies, leaders, and people you’re interested in learning from on LinkedIn. Keep your notifications – you will get an alert when they go live! Some companies promote their LinkedIn Live sessions (*cough* BlueWave), so you can RSVP for an event and get updates once the company or individual goes live.

Once you’re watching the Live video, you can interact and ask questions in the chat box for the host(s) to answer in real-time.



“You can sit in a room with 5 industry leaders and CEOs on a panel virtually with 500 other people watching,” Joey said. “Ask an insightful and very intentional question and have 5 different CEOs of companies that you might want to work for discuss your ideas, your thoughts, and your questions, all leading back to your name and your network.”

Expand Your Network

Kevin says interacting in virtual settings can translate to building your confidence in physical settings.

“Being able to put yourself out there virtually is a huge step to getting the confidence to put yourself out there in the physical world,” Kevin said. “Create engaging content or engage with others who are creating content and be strategic with the way that you communicate with others.”



Check the video description for tagged speakers so you can follow up after the video. Send a connection request with a personal note pointing out something you enjoyed about the Live and continue building connections. You can connect with potential employers and people in your industry who can keep you in mind for mentorships and jobs.



“I love talking to all of the different individuals that come on. So many diverse backgrounds and so much to learn from each person,” Joey said. “I get to have so many wonderful and insightful conversations with all sorts of individuals every week. I wanted to create a platform to share that with others! Communication is powerful and I want to share these great ideas I hear with everyone. It’s just such a cool with to diversify your content in a very humanizing and genuine way. It just is such a cool and authentic way to connect with people.”

Tune in to a LinkedIn Live! (like ours)

Whether you’re hosting or tuning in to a LinkedIn Live, be authentic on the platform. Ask insightful questions, start a conversation, follow up and don’t be afraid to be yourself! “Be creative and consistent. Focus on providing value to others and creating a platform to learn on,” Joey said.

To see a LinkedIn Live in action, check out BlueWave Strategy Sessions Tuesdays at 2 p.m. ET!

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