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Apple Music’s New Web App
Apple Music just launched a public beta version of their new online music streaming application. This is the first time Apple Music has been officially offered on the web and they are hoping to create better accessibility to their product and increase user adoption. During this beta period, Apple is soliciting feedback from customers to defeat any bugs and expand the product’s features.
Is Porsche becoming the new Tesla?
The new Porsche Taycan, a highly anticipated electric vehicle from the German car maker, has finally made its debut this week. Starting with a $150K price tag, the tech community is seeing this as a new luxury competitor to the popular Tesla Model S. Porsche shines in a number of categories, but is also lacking in many specs compared to the Model S.
Folding phones are back from the grave
The roller coaster of emotions surrounding the release of Samsung’s large foldable cell phone, the Galaxy Fold, is finally back at a peak. Samsung has announced a new release date for an updated version, going on sale in the US in late September 2019. The phone is expected to come at a hefty price tag, around $2000, and will have updated hardware and software to address previous issues.

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