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Tesla’s Record Breaking Quarter

Tesla set a new production record Q2, delivering 95,200 vehicles, consequently sending their stock price up almost 8% after the announcement. These numbers did not even include the 7,000+ vehicles in transit to delivery during the calculation. Will Tesla continue to exceed its production predictions and keep up with the ever-growing competition across other automakers?

Uber shows you Lime scooters?

Uber released an update to their main Uber app; now displaying Ubers, Jump bikes, and Lime scooters all together in one integrated map. Following the partnership of Uber and Lime last year, the goal is provide the best options for transportation, regardless of brand, and make the shift towards more bicycle and scooter usage. The release is active in Atlanta and San Diego.

Flip phones are gone, and so are foldables.

Just months ago, Samsung announced the release of a new “foldable” smartphone. While the nostalgia of opening and closing your phone had consumers placing orders, they decided to cancel the project after batches failed to function properly. CEO DJ Koh shared, “I pushed it through before it was ready” and while that may be true, there still is a chance in the near future for foldables to come back. Would you buy one?

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