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This week on Joey’s Tech Talk…

NASA GPS Technology

NASA is adapting the concept of GPS for the MOON. By relying on fixed satellites and evolving technology, by the end of this year (hopefully), it will be possible to pull up NavCube and orient yourself on the Moon’s surface. Granted, the regular Joe-Shmo won’t be able to play with this cool new technology, but we’ve come a long way since Google Earth, right?

Ready to Scoot through Orlando?

Last month, Ron Desantis signed the HB-453 bill, legalizing the use of electric scooters. This was a huge step in micro-mobility, following the lead of Tampa’s pilot program a few months back. Be on the lookout for Lime scooters around Downtown Orlando – will it be a transportation success or a laundry list of accidents and complaints?

Walkie-Talkies {HACKED}

Apple announced last week they have disabled the walkie-talkie feature on their Apple Watches after complaints about third-party eavesdropping capabilities. This bug followed a similar audio issue on Facetime, where people could listen in on calls before they accepted them. Good thing we don’t rely only on walkie-talkies like the Strange Things kids!

Orlando: The hub for autonomous vehicles

Central Florida has been named the “Friendliest State in the Country for Autonomous Vehicle Research“. With the combination of advanced communication infrastructure, modernized toll roads and not to mention the variety of simulation, defense, and space facilities, it’s no question how we’ve created a robust and functional environment that breeds autonomous success. Companies like Luminar, Beep, and Voyage are paving the way for transportation advancement, sooner that we think.

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