Interview Advice: Take It, Please Don’t Leave It.

On a daily basis, we are working with a variety of candidates, spanning from recent graduates to executive VPs. As we crawl up the spectrum of experience, there seems to be a noticeable change in demeanor as far confidence throughout an interview process. There is this lingering fallacy that because you’ve “done this before” or have been through several interview processes, you know everything and don’t need help. That, my friend, is extremely goofy.

You are never too experienced or “too good” to accept interview advice. And frankly foolish to not take it.

Speaking as someone who likes to think they know everything about everything, I can certainly relate to the pride one feels when they know they’ve “got this”.  Now that I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum, I can wholeheartedly say that you are missing out if you do not absorb every last bit of knowledge and piece of information possible.

Just some things to consider:


  • We understand the interview process – No interview is cookie cutter. Every company operates a little bit differently, whether that means four rounds of in-person interviews, using technical testing, or even having you do a working interview. Wouldn’t you consider it valuable to know what to expect and receive guidance on how to prepare accordingly? Sure, you can take the SAT without studying but why go in blind when you can be provided tools to excel? “The client will be giving you an IQ test during your interview, so I suggest practicing some free tests online to jog that part of your memory.” HELPFUL!
  • We know the hiring team – Similar concept to the interview process, no two hiring managers are the same. And you’re wrong if you don’t believe that you can make an impact by tailoring your execution based on a manager’s personality type. Are they easy-going? Comedic? More direct and serious? “So you’ll be meeting with Jack. He comes off a little strong at first, but get him talking about soccer and you guys will bond immediately!” HELPFUL!
  • Let’s talk about resumes – Times are changing. A few years ago, if you went over one page, you were insane and needed to chop half your work experience off. What do you do about an Objective statement? How many previous jobs should I list? Or should I just use Linkedin? As recruiters, our job is staying in tune with trends in hiring processes, including resume tips. Especially if you have been in the same role for over 5 years, we absolutely enjoy helping tailor resumes appropriately and sharing insight on best practices moving forward. “This hiring manager is a big resume reader. I would add some specific metrics from your sales experience and the CRM you used.” HELPFUL!
  • Culture matters more than ever – Every office used to be the same. Dress professionally. Sit in a cubicle. Converse in water cooler conversation… Nowadays, culture can be the main selling point of a new job. Keeping that in mind, do you think every interview requires a full suit? Not so much. Sure, there are still hundreds of positions where a full business suit is appropriate and probably required. At the same time, we work with several companies that are put-off by the highly formal nature of a professional suit or they do not feel it is necessary in their culture. What about the workspace? Open and collaborative? Are the managers more lackadaisical about flex hours or remote work? These are ALL questions that you can only assume, unless you have a recruiter on your side to help you navigate. “This department is literally in jeans and hoodies all day, so for your interview, you’re best bet is a nice pair chinos and a button-down without a tie.” HELPFUL!

Our job at the end of the day is to help you land your dream job. We want to provide you with as much education and ammunition as possible so you can nail that interview and sign that offer letter. Proactively ask us for advice. We love to give it! “How many resumes should I bring to the interview? Are their specific questions they might ask me?” We are here to HELP! And be open-minded. Even if we share something that is left of center or you don’t necessarily agree with due to past experience, just absorb it and know that we want you to be successful!

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