Creating Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking and job search tools right now. Not to mention it’s FREE! LinkedIn has become a hub for career success stories, new clients & partnerships, and a wonderful community to meet likeminded individuals.

In addition, LinkedIn provides an ideal platform to showcase yourself and build your personal brand. Also known as the buzzword of 2018, your personal brand is SO important in a day and age where social media is running rampant and it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out.

If you’re looking to grow your online presence, specifically on LinkedIn, there are a few ways to start:

Optimize your Profile

We shared some helpful LinkedIn tips in a previous post, but make sure your LinkedIn is in tip-top shape. Add that spiffy photo, update your summary, and build out your job experience to really tell your professional story. This is ground zero of building your online presence.


You have a LinkedIn now. Use it! The worst thing you can do is create an optimized profile and not take action. Create content, engage with people, comment on posts, and really paint the picture to the outside world of who you are. LinkedIn is saturated with business professionals and now it’s time for you to pull away and differentiate yourself. Whether it’s a one-minute pop video, a written post to spark engagement, or even a group photo of your team at the office, every post will help develop your brand. Regardless of your profession or interests, consider yourself as a marketer. This will make engagement that much easier.

Have a goal

It’s hard to succeed in something when you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, ya know? Is your goal to grow your client base? Are you trying to sell a product? Maybe you just want to grow your presence and influence on LinkedIn. Write your goals down. You remember SMART goals, right? Create a specific plan, what you want to achieve, and what that will look like: 25% more profile engagement after 6 months. 3 new clients in a month. It’s much easier to tailor your efforts once you know the intended outcome.

Know your niche

What’s the old saying, “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything” Figure out two things: what you are good at and what you are PASSIONATE about. Use that to funnel down your personal brand. If you don’t know what you’re all about, no one else will. Once you find your audience, make sure you start conversations with them. Talk TO them, not AT them.


Follow other influencers

We all have our favorite people we follow, but have you ever stopped to think why we like them? Take a look at their profiles – how they present themselves, what content they share and HOW they share it, who they engage with and why. You can learn a lot from others, simply by observing.


Everybody wants to be famous (or most at least a little). If you’re on a mission to build your personal brand or become an industry expert/influencer, utilize these tips to jumpstart your initiatives. It’s not hard to get started, it’s just a matter of execution.

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