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LinkedIn Live: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Have you ever seen that notification “(Your Connection) is live right now” pop up on LinkedIn? Broadcasting live videos is more powerful than ever in terms of connecting people and providing learning opportunities. Let’s chat about what LinkedIn Live is and how you can use it to grow your network. What Is LinkedIn Live? LinkedIn
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Is the Future of Work Remote?

Companies have pivoted in their business models, communications, and WFH culture since COVID-19. Employees at tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Slack will be working from home through the fall, while Google employees will continue working from home until at least 2021. Twitter’s even offering some of its employees the option to work from
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Happy National Recruiter Day!

We kinda sorta love connecting people. Whether we’re matching talented job seekers with the perfect job or partnering with companies to help them scale, we love making those meaningful introductions! In honor of National Recruiter Day, we’re breaking down all things recruiting! What is National Recruiter Day? This unofficial national day originated from a 2017
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How to Prep For a Virtual Performance Review

A performance review can seem intimidating. You’re sitting down with your boss to discuss the good, the bad, and the future. Throw in the virtual element and now you can’t even break the ice with a good company joke. (Because, lagging.) But don’t sweat it! We’ve got some tips on how you can prep for
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How to Rock Virtual Networking

Networking is a HUGE part of getting to know your community, acquiring new skills, and advancing in your career. But how do you meet professionals without meetups? How can you make yourself stand out when you’re left with digital handshakes? Cue virtual networking. Find the right groups and events The core four places to search
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Getting Through COVID-19: Be Proactive

No one expected a virus to interrupt over a month of our lives. Sheesh. But we’re making the best of it. Some of us picking up new hobbies (yes, I bought a ukulele), spending more time with our kids, or more than likely just powering through all of those Netflix shows you’ve been wanting to
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Best Technology Tools For Working Remote

We’ll keep this short & sweet. In the past few weeks, you’ve probably been bombarded by thousands of tips & tricks, “best practices”, and blog posts about surviving COVID-19. There’s value in all of these publications but sometimes you just want something quick & easy with digestible takeaways that you can actually utilize to take
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How To Nail A Virtual Interview

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are rearranging their approach to interviewing and hiring. While some are pausing their hiring efforts for a few weeks, the good news is that many aren’t! They’re simply moving their in-person interviews to phone calls and video calls. For a few giggles, if you haven’t seen the
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How To Happily Work From Home During COVID-19

Well, everybody. It finally happened. It definitely didn’t happen the way we hoped it would. But this week, Americans have started a massive shift to working from home (WFH). As a result of COVID-19, teams all across the country have been asked to adopt remote options and practice social distancing. While temporary, I think I
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