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Please Apply To Jobs You're Qualified For.

Applying to jobs that you’re qualified for – it’s common sense … right? Wrong. You’d be surprised by what recruiters and hiring managers see come through the job boards…I’m sorry but a shift manager at Forever 21 shouldn’t be applying to a Director of Sales. With that being said, here’s some advice on how to
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Joey's Tech Talk | Apple Music, Porsche & Samsung

This week on Joey’s Tech Talk… Apple Music’s New Web App Apple Music just launched a public beta version of their new online music streaming application. This is the first time Apple Music has been officially offered on the web and they are hoping to create better accessibility to their product and increase user adoption.
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The Best Way To Explain A Job Gap

Having a gap in work history has long been considered taboo and one of the biggest red flags for an employer during an interview. The harsh truth is whether you like it or not, having a gap leaves you at a disadvantage compared to your competition that has consecutive work history. When hiring managers are
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Why You Should Be Honest With Your Recruiter

Recruiters are people (shocker, I know) and as adults in this world, we too have been in the job search seat. We understand that you are most likely applying to a bunch of roles, interviewing at multiple companies, and for lack of a better term, “playing the field” until you find the perfect match. We
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Reference Checks 101

Let’s talk about reference checks. Be honest – there are co-workers, managers, bosses, and other people in your world that could speak on behalf of your behavior at work … right? As part of BlueWave’s recruiting process, we conduct professional reference checks. We have a set list of questions we’ll ask about your experience &
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How To Land An Internship (And Job) While In School

A student having a full-time job offer waiting for them immediately after graduating seems like an anomaly these days. In fact, half of all millennials in the U.S. head back home after graduation, for a few months or even years before they land a job (and not just to enjoy some of Mom’s homemade lasagna that
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Joey's Tech Talk | Tesla, Uber & Samsung

This week on Joey’s Tech Talk… Tesla’s Record Breaking Quarter Tesla set a new production record Q2, delivering 95,200 vehicles, consequently sending their stock price up almost 8% after the announcement. These numbers did not even include the 7,000+ vehicles in transit to delivery during the calculation. Will Tesla continue to exceed its production predictions and
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The Benefits Of Using Recruiters (Honestly).

Ahhhh, the recruiting industry. What a wonderful, yet sadly misunderstood thing. Fact: Recruiting has a lot of stigmas attached to it. Also Fact: Many of them are either untrue or circumstantial. Whether you are a hiring manager or a job seeker, it can be confusing or strange to consider someone else being involved in the
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Recruiting With A Personal Approach

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