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Interview Advice: Take It, Please Don't Leave It.

On a daily basis, we are working with a variety of candidates, spanning from recent graduates to executive VPs. As we crawl up the spectrum of experience, there seems to be a noticeable change in demeanor as far confidence throughout an interview process. There is this lingering fallacy that because you’ve “done this before” or
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Your Staffing Firm is "Just Not That Into You"

It is no secret that the staffing industry is highly competitive and frankly oversaturated. And regardless if you are a national company or a local firm, it is getting increasingly more difficult to find candidates in a market where jobs outnumber employees. But even though the tides are shifting, it is still no excuse for not
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Ask a Recruiter: Relocating for a Job. Help!

Changing cities is both exciting and daunting. Whether you are moving back home to family and friends, relocating with your spouse for their job, or simply looking for a change of pace, it’s difficult to make a professional impact on a city that you haven’t been associated with. Unless you are extremely special, chances are
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Resume Q&A

Raise your hand if you’ve heard conflicting advice about resumes? Perfect, you’re in the right place. It is overwhelming to think about how many resume tips and tricks are floating around on the internet (yet here I am, adding another one). Whether you are creating a resume for the first time or have questions about
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Thank You Email After An Interview

So you just finished a stressful 2 hour in-person interview for your dream job and are wondering if and when to send a thank you note. You also are trying to figure out what to say and how much to say. These are all great questions. Should I send a thank you note? The answer
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An Awkward Person's Guide to Networking

Networking is a wonderful thing. It allows professionals to connect, learn, and ultimately help each other grow. But let’s be honest: Nobody “likes” to network. Alright, maybe there’s 5% of the population that completely loves going to events, introducing themselves to people they don’t know, and striking up conversation. And if you’re in that 5%,
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Simple Solutions to the Complexities of Staffing

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