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Communicating with Remote Teams in 2022

We took a look at this topic a couple of years ago, but now it’s time to chat about communicating with remote teams in 2022. When remote work became the norm in 2020 it took us all by storm, but now this has been our day-to-day for nearly two and half years. So what have
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Interviewing with Different Personas

Everyone has their go-to interview tips (including us, duh). Arrive (or log on) early, prepare good questions, send a follow-up thank you note, etc. we’ve heard them all… But here’s something different: have you ever received advice on interviewing with different personas? You know, different people in different departments with different job titles. Ahhhh, something
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Being Strategic with LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn connections are a balance of people you know, people you want to know, and people who want to know you. Here are some tips to be strategic with your connections and get the most out of the platform to grow your professional network. Connecting with people First things first: log in to LinkedIn on
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Finding Work-Life Balance

Let’s be honest: we’re all working harder than ever. We’re sitting more, staring at screens for longer periods of time and trying to stay sane! Wherever we’re working these days, we’re searching for some form of work-life balance. Here’s a few tips on how to stay healthy, be productive, keep an upbeat outlook by finding
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How Continuing Education Can Help You Evolve

I’m a huge fan of continuing your education. When I graduated from college, I actually missed being in class because 1) I’m a nerd, 2) I loved the structure, and 3) The different learning environments were always fresh and exciting. Whether you’re looking for your next job or you want to grow your team, there
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The Ever-Changing Marketing Strategies of 2020

The marketing world is one of many industries that pivoted on a grand scale in 2020. Organizations cancelled annual conferences or switched to virtual formats. Companies reallocated ad spend budgets as consumers began to spend more time online. Joey and Kathleen sat down to chat virtually with four marketing experts about 2020 marketing strategies.
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Communicating with Remote Teams

While remote work is nothing new, it’s become the new norm in 2020. Whether you’re Zooming, Meeting, or Slacking, there’s a lot that goes into staying on track and in contact while communicating with remote teams. Managing a team…without micromanaging First things first, let’s talk about managing a team. As a manager, it’s your job to
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How to Write an Awesome Cover Letter

We know cover letters are a little old school, but some companies still require a good ole’ explanation of who you are and why you should work for them when applying online. The document should explain details and anecdotes outside of your resume and your LinkedIn profile to help sell yourself! The purpose of a
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