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How Continuing Education Can Help You Evolve

I’m a huge fan of continuing your education. When I graduated from college, I actually missed being in class because 1) I’m a nerd, 2) I loved the structure, and 3) The different learning environments were always fresh and exciting. Whether you’re looking for your next job or you want to grow your team, there
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The Ever-Changing Marketing Strategies of 2020

The marketing world is one of many industries that pivoted on a grand scale in 2020. Organizations cancelled annual conferences or switched to virtual formats. Companies reallocated ad spend budgets as consumers began to spend more time online. Joey and Kathleen sat down to chat virtually with four marketing experts about 2020 marketing strategies.
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Communicating with Remote Teams

While remote work is nothing new, it’s become the new norm in 2020. Whether you’re Zooming, Meeting, or Slacking, there’s a lot that goes into staying on track and in contact while communicating with remote teams. Managing a team…without micromanaging First things first, let’s talk about managing a team. As a manager, it’s your job to
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Meet Cassandra King, BlueWave Recruiting Manager

Working in the recruiting world requires great communication skills, understanding what companies need and building relationships with candidates. Cassandra King, our Recruiting Manager, practices all of these things with our team and while she recruits the best candidates for our emerging tech clients. “I really love helping startups grow and seeing the community grow with
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Why You Should Consider A Contract Job

Not to blame the global pandemic or anything, but the job market has been a rollercoaster – resulting in a lot of unemployed, furloughed, and downright nervous employees. With hiring being uncertain, people have been turning to different options for income, with an influx of interest in contract opportunities. Or curiosity to say the least.
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Using Recruitment Marketing to Boost your Candidate Pipeline

The concept of Recruitment Marketing is one of the least talked about and least utilized concepts in the talent acquisition space right now. Teams (both companies and agencies) that take advantage of this have the ability to dramatically increase their candidate pipelines, decrease their average speed to hire, and create a more engaging candidate experience
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Meet Kevin Cowman, Director of Enterprise Accounts

You might have herd of someone in Orlando who’s udderly great at building professional relationships. His name is Kevin Cowman and not only is he our Director of Enterprise Accounts but he’s also BlueWave’s original employee! How it started In 2015, Kevin was wrapping up his internship at an IT firm and wasn’t sure what
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