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3 Things To Leave Off Your Resume

When it comes to your resume, the goal is to tell your career story – with dates, companies, titles and responsibilities. With that being said, there are some details that need not be added. As a recruiter, you would be surprised by the amount of (unnecessary) information I find on people’s resumes. Details that do
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What Candidates See When They Research Your Company

Hiring managers, be honest: Have you ever Googled your company? Do you know what your company looks like to the rest of the digital world? When people apply to jobs, they are going to research your website, search for reviews, and ask around to see if they know anyone who’s ever worked there. Wouldn’t you?
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Refresh Your Resume

Without a doubt, the posterchild for a job search is your resume. Sure, trends show that it will eventually become obsolete, as Linkedin and other virtual platforms take over. But in the meantime, they are still a crucial piece to your success in landing your next position. Often overlooked, your resume defines who you are.
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Please Apply To Jobs You're Qualified For.

Applying to jobs that you’re qualified for – it’s common sense … right? Wrong. You’d be surprised by what recruiters and hiring managers see come through the job boards…I’m sorry but a shift manager at Forever 21 shouldn’t be applying to a Director of Sales. With that being said, here’s some advice on how to
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Joey's Tech Talk | Apple Music, Porsche & Samsung

This week on Joey’s Tech Talk… Apple Music’s New Web App Apple Music just launched a public beta version of their new online music streaming application. This is the first time Apple Music has been officially offered on the web and they are hoping to create better accessibility to their product and increase user adoption.
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