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Using Recruitment Marketing to Boost your Candidate Pipeline

The concept of Recruitment Marketing is one of the least talked about and least utilized concepts in the talent acquisition space right now. Teams (both companies and agencies) that take advantage of this have the ability to dramatically increase their candidate pipelines, decrease their average speed to hire, and create a more engaging candidate experience
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Value of Talent Development vs. Talent Recruitment in an Emerging Tech Market

For the past few years, I’ve been living in one of the fastest growing technology economies in the country (yes, Orlando), helping rapidly growing tech and software companies develop talent attraction and recruitment plans. Demand for numerous positions and skills-sets is consistently outweighing the actual size of the talent pool in Orlando. Engineering talent, technical talent, SaaS
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Meet Karli Fritz, STEM Major and BlueWave Intern

An internship is a great opportunity to gain real work experience in a short period of time. Interns can make connections with the people they work with, from coworkers to managers and even CEOs during college or soon after graduation. eople can assist with specific tasks related to their industry OR get creative by exploring
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Employee Health and Safety as a Benefit

One of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked by candidates the last few months is, “What has ‘Company X’ done to make sure their employees are staying safe and well with COVID-19?” Potential employees want to know, unsurprisingly, what organizations are doing to protect their people in the midst of a global pandemic. The
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How We're Getting Back to the Office Safely

Managers and employees alike have become accustomed to the office life. Driving to work. Hanging out in the kitchen and catching up before clocking in. Facing off with ping pong matches in the afternoon. The pandemic has significantly changed these office moments and company cultures. In this LinkedIn Live Strategy Session, Joey chatted with Nicholas
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Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Contract Work

Generally, when people hear the word “contractor” they think “temporary, risky, and short term.” They think of contract work as less stable and more volatile. This old stigma is just not true in today’s job market. Contract work often provides opportunities that you wouldn’t be able to find in traditional direct hire jobs. A contract
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Keeping the Growth Going in Quarantine

In our FIRST LinkedIn Live Strategy Session, Joey dove into what companies are doing during quarantine, including new company norms (like meeting all the fur babies) and serving customers screen-to-screen while working from home. Joey chatted with Michael Sharelis, Graham Gill, Erica Gardner, and Jason Callison. “It’s a little different to hop on a video
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Making the Most of Working from Home

By now, a majority of companies have moved from working in the office to working from home to stay safe during the pandemic. Since remote life might be more of a long-term situation, it’s time to make yourself comfy in your home office! Set up a dedicated office space Work with what you’ve got! You
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Your Handy LinkedIn Profile Checklist

If you’re not on LinkedIn, are you really a job seeker? Kidding. 😊 I JUST joined the world of LinkedIn a little over a month ago (because BlueWave). It’s an awesome platform to find job opportunities, browse articles and share information. Your LinkedIn is like a living resume that recruiters and your next employer will
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